Marie-Pierre Pruvot ‘Bambi’: an HSTS life


Marie-Pierre Pruvot, (1935- ) whose stage name was Bambi, is a French HSTS trans woman who was born in Algeria.

In many ways, Marie-Pierre’s life is a classic HSTS trajectory. Discovering her cross-sex identification in early childhood, she struggled to cope. Eventually, she dropped out of school before completing her Baccalauriat, the French equivalent of the High School Graduation Certificate or the British ‘A’ Levels, despite being an exemplary student.

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All About HSTS

All About HSTS is now back online. Unfortunately, while all of the raw material is backed up the site structure was lost because of the web host. It will take some time before it’s fully back, there were some 80,000 words of text and many pictures.

What is All About HSTS? An introduction

HomoSexual TransSexualism or HSTS is a real phenomenon, as explained in the works of, notably, Ray Blanchard, Kurt Freund, Henry Havelock Ellis, Magnus Hirschfeld and others. In brief terms, it describes the result of hormonal anomalies in utero, which permanently change the Sexuality and physical body of the child. Until around 1970, this was universally known as ‘Sexual Inversion’ and we shall continue with that.

In essence, an HSTS is a Complete Sexual Invert who has accepted his or her sexuality and has decided to live in the gender best suited to that.

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Hello world!

This is just to let you know that All About HSTS went down because the web host apparently went bust without warning anyone and did a runner. We lost a great deal of information and more than this site. It will take some time to rebuild the site but I am on it.

Kathoey: Thailand’s Ladyboy Sirens


Phuket, Thailand. Midnight: Bangla Road is packed with tourists. They’re mostly Westerners and Russians, but many Asians and a smattering of Indians. There seems a disproportionate number of unattached males. The music is very loud, and throbbing. Outside the bars, on elevated stages, Thai girls are dancing provocatively. They’re tall, fantastically beautiful, and seductive. They look, and move, like supermodels, but with better bodies. Then you realise: there are other Thai women here too, but they’re short, cute and pretty, not at all statuesque or magnificent. Alongside  the kathoey, Thailand’s famous trans women, they are all but invisible, like candles next to a searchlight. It’s easy to see who has the attention of the gathered men.

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On stage, one girl rolls her dress down to her hips so that her naked breasts and torso – she sports an intricate tattoo on her back – are shown off, as she wriggles to the thrumming music. Her body is as flawless as a Greek goddess’ and her dance mesmerising as a Siren’s: you just can’t help but watch and smile at her exquisite insouciance.

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